i dont like to think of myself so much as a photographer, but rather a collector of memories, someone who hunts out moments to preserve. my true aim in photography is to look for split second glimpses into stories that will never be retold and capture them before they are lost or forgotten.

it has been said that an artist is one who looks not to impress others with his work but rather to impress himself. although i hope my photographs will be enjoyed by many, they are more importantly my attempt to prevent the window into the past from completely closing.

my photos are shot on film, not because film is necessarily better, but it’s the medium that i work best with. please enjoy my attempt to capture life’s moments in a 4×6!

you can get in touch with me by clicking here. (i'm often traveling, but sydney is home)


"PAUSE" 2nd place overall - X88 GALLERY (2014)

"The Australian" - Wedge Gallery, Kinokuniya (2014)

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